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AI Websites That Design Themselves

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Hello World

This is not another do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it - videos, images, text, urls and more - and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you. As your needs grow, it evolves with you, effortlessly adapting to your needs. Want to add e-commerce? Social feeds? A different layout? The Grid just takes care of it. This is not a website builder. This is your personal AI web developer. Its first masterpiece is the website you're looking at right now. Its next one could be yours.

A Site As Colorful As You

Intelligent Color Detection & Correction

Our algorithms expertly analyze your media and apply color palettes that keep your messaging consistent and unique. The Grid also detects color contrasts, automatically adjusting typography color to maximize legibility.

Goodbye Templates

Hello Layout Filters

Unlike brittle templates, AI powered Layout Filters adapt to fit the unique characteristics of your content. Change your layout filter & it just works.

from The Grid

How The Grid Will Automate Web Design Without Killing The Designer

Can you replace a human designer with artificial intelligence and machine learning? That's the question, more or less, which will likely plague The Grid long after the company launches its new website creation and hosting platform. The Grid's sales pitch is that creating a beautiful looking website geared towards your intentions shouldn't be harder than giving it content-images, videos, and text.

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Templates Are Dead: 5 Ways Scalable Design Will Change The Way We Build Websites:

The Right Shot Every Time

Intelligent Face Detection & Smart Cropping

Why waste time cropping by hand? The Grid automatically detects faces in your photos and crops images to fit any size on any display. All you have to do is find the perfect photo.

Set Up Shop In Seconds

On-Demand E-Commerce

Setting up shop online is too much work with all the management, databases, checkouts and security. Our AI removes the need for plugins, configuration and constant stress. Have a product, add a price and a shopping cart magically appears on your site. Just like that, just as it should be! (Cost-based fees only.)

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The Grid Is The Website Of The Future: It Builds Itself

Making the process of building websites less complicated is a growth industry. Just look at the success of WordPress and Squarespace. Yet with all the templates and customization available from these platforms, it still leaves humans to do most of the decision-making-should you put that checkout button in the middle or top right?

from Twitter - "AI" website design. Conceptually feels very next level, an obvious, natural progression just waiting to happen.

Mobile Tools You'll Actually Use

Create On The Go

What's possible when an AI does all the hard work for you? You can get things done, even on the go. Drag-n-drop builders don't play nice with fingers on phones, but AI works perfectly, anywhere.

Websites That Evolve With Purpose

Automated A/B Testing

More followers, more sales, more clicks. All websites are created with a purpose in mind, but it's easy to lose sight of it as you go from brain to domain name. With The Grid, you can set a purpose for your site, write a call to action and sit back. Our AI will automatically test thousands of subtle variations to find the one that works best.

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This new publishing tool builds websites powered by AI

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Your message should shape the medium. Now it does with #TheGrid. Join the evolution.

The Team

Henri Bergius

VP Engineering

Henri is an open source content management pioneer. He is the author of the Create.js web editing interface and the NoFlo flow-based programming environment that powers The Grid.

Dan Tocchini

Founder and CEO

Creator of GSS (Grid Style Sheets) and Partner of D4 Interactive Agency. Producing interactive works for Audi, Microsoft and more.

Leigh Taylor

Creative Director

Leigh was the first dedicated designer for Obvious Corp, designed arguably the best blog post editor on the web today, now known as Medium.


As Easy As A Social Network

As Beautiful & Unique As You

Never again change your content to fit a cookie-cutter social network or today's hot website template. Just throw in videos, images, text, products and more and magically get a website that looks like it was pored over by a million-dollar design team. Once and for all, content is king.

from Entrepreneur

This Nifty Tool Uses Artificial Intelligence to Build Your Ultimate Website

Nowadays you can create your own website in a few afternoons in front of your computer. But will the final product be a website someone will actually want to use? That's another story. Web publishing tools like WordPress and the like require a bit of technical know-how and special care to ensure all your content fits into their unique parameters and templates.

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The Grid - AI websites that design themselves

I write content for a living-always have, probably always will. So when I'm looking to create websites (which I do quite often), I try to take advantage of platforms that let me do my thing without needing too much help from designers and developers.

AI With Taste

Algorithms That Understand You

It feels like magic, but it isn't. The Grid analyzes your content and then automates thousands of mundane design decisions that no one (not even web designers) like doing. The result? Beautiful websites unique to you, in seconds.

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wordlink.c.. and The Grid: Artificial intelligence as your personal graphic designer

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Uh-oh. We're all out of a job. The Wizard of Oz has arrived.

Good Content That Finds You

What The Newsfeed Should Be

Stop spending all of your time looking for content to fill your site. The Grid allows you to follow any website on the internet, adding updates to your newsfeed that you can instantly add to your site.

We're Listening For You

Time-Sensitive Content Suggestions

Constantly monitoring the web for mentions of your company or product takes nearly as much time as building it. What if your website notified you of new articles and automatically prepared a Press section ready to go live? Our AI will help you get the story out there now, because tomorrow is too late.

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No more building Zuck's website #thegrid #ownnotrent

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Who says the era of making your own Web site is over? @thegridio's offers tools to help you escape the walled gardens

Connect With The World Around You

Limited Gold Edition Token. Founding Members Only!

Business cards are dead! Networking doesn't happen at events or conferences. Meaningful connections happen in the real world, when you least expect them. With the Grid Token simply swipe on any device and you can share your site, grow followers, increase sales and much more.

Website, Meet Your Followers

Newsletter signups? What a hassle. The Grid allows people to follow your whole website, allowing you to dynamically construct updates when you make changes.

But it doesn't end there. The Grid can track changes on any website, allowing you to follow the entire Internet.

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TheGrid, aiming to take humans out of website development, grabs $3.1M by

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Might be the biggest thing to hit the web in a long time. Be a part of the future of the web with #TheGrid

All Your Media, On Any Device

Content Dictates Form? That's Evolutionary.

Never again change your content to fit your template or the latest hot mobile device. Building a site focused around a video? No problem, it looks big and in-charge on any screen. Add products and a shopping cart optimized for desktop and mobile automatically appears. The layout changes as you add content, and adapts to look great and work flawlessly no matter where your users find you.

Don't Pay To Access Your Data

You Own Everything, Forever

We mean it. We don't take your data and lock it up in some mysterious database, we put it on GitHub so you have access to it anytime, anywhere. Here's ours.

from TechCrunch

The Grid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Your Websites For You

Designing a good-looking website has never been easy and while many services promise to let you build a site without ever having to touch any code, you quickly reach their limits if you want to have a more advanced site. The Grid, which is launching its crowdfunding campaign today, promises to do away with all of this.

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How do you get from Lolcats to Skynet? This #startups seems to be on the right track